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"I was terrified of chemistry in school.  I wish I'd had something like this to explain it."

Julie C                             Memphis, TN                 

        "He really likes this character Bloop. 

      What a simple way to start chemistry"

      Deborah M                     Atlanta, GA       


      "She's learning the periodic table; 

       this program makes it fun and easy."

       Marie T                      San Jose, CA         

       What our parents are saying

I didn't know what to think, chemistry in elementary school?

Not wanting her to fall behind, I bought the program for my eight-year-old granddaughter.  Now she loves Bloop and Chemistry! 

This has really opened my eyes.

Darlene  M                     Houston, TX

      What our parents are saying

An excellent program that can be used in elementary, middle and even high school! The program is a fun adventure that explains chemistry allowing 

 advanced concepts to spiral easily.        


Claire G.    Educator   Toledo, OH

   What our parents are saying


I'm a physician and mother of three under 16. I'm a little busy:)

I never write reviews, but this is worth my time! Chemistry is a deal breaker for most students.  The key is "understanding" the periodic table. This little program does a great job. It's worth its weight in gold.

A. Harris, MD             Evanston, IL

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