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Our Story..

Our founder at the age of 15 completed a chemistry project where he described molecular action.

He imagined a character named Bloop and followed him through Earth's Water Cycle.  

Later, in his senior year of high school, he was invited as a guest student to Harvard University. 

Upon arriving he attended a class lecture entitled "How to Build a more Habitable Planet." 

It was the lecture by Professor Langmuir that would serve as inspiration to the animation of his project

and subsequently Kingston Educational Software.

Professor Langmuir's lecture centered around Earth's Water Cycle as a vital resource and the impact of our carbon footprint. It was then he realized his project had a place in the world. His character Bloop could help change the perception of chemistry early.  He would make chemistry fun and easy to understand and might even spark new careers. He decided to name the company Kingston after his loyal family dog.

Today the company is committed to explaining chemistry early and providing a foundation for future study.

Kingston uses a proprietary instructional strategy that inspires students and delivers concepts quickly and effectively, that is highly compatible with today's digital learner.

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